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DailyDay3: LEEKSPIN 2007

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Happy Daily Day!

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this...is.....leekspin!!!!! *hits random guy off with leek*

hahahaha fuck yeah

i agree with the last dude, the song was awesome....should get it floating around limewire or something, with how well known the original leekspin is, you could get yaself heard of

Ah... Well made, and Leekspin pwns!

Well, you did Leekspin proud with this one. I would be proud to call this my own. Well done.

DonDoli responds:

I do believe I made Leekspin proud today.

That song rocks!

That's the girl from Bleach right, lol. Loituma's Polka in the back, techno remixes, awesome. Just one scene, but that's all it needed, lol. These never get old, lol. Who's the techno artist? Is it a mix? I like it.

Sincerely Your's
Agent -47-

DonDoli responds:

One scene, yes, but WHAT A SCENE.

The song is Wielki Por with Sielce Records.

Happy to stir up your evening.

Come on!

Well...you know that everything related to Daily Day will be protected because of the mass voting, don't you? However, that does not give you a reason to be lazy and just submit a video. The reason why I am in the portal is because I want to see some high quality entries. Unfortnately, I did not see you putting any effort on this very submittion. Sorry for voting low, but that was what your effort deserved.

DonDoli responds:

Don't lay this shit on me.

I already have three submissions that are doing well. Why would I submit something today just because I want it saved? You didn't consider that I maybe joined in the spirit of celebration?

And that you're in the portal looking for quality is nothing but bullshit. You know as well as I that if you were looking for quality you wouldn't be looking in the 50 most recent, and sure as hell not in the ones that aren't even judged.

Vote low all you want, you're just annoyed that you aren't getting the b/p you'd prefer.