Leric's Halloween

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This is my first submission. It's based on a character I've been working on for quite some time. The characters seen in the movie will hopefully be in a series sometime.

I'm quite aware it's not a Flash Masterpiece, but it's still something.

LtCaptain redid some of the symbols between various versions of this flash. Yay for him.

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Exactly how long have you had this character idea of yours? Coz im wondering if you arent from a certain message board that I just happened to write a story on. My username was the same as this one, thus the inquiry. The story had a character in it under the name Lerick. I'm wondering if you're perhaps a fan of mine (could be, I have plenty thanks to that story) or if this is just a really strange coincidence.

LericStudios responds:

The name Leric was invented by my English teacher in Grade 8. She wrote a story using characters whose names were letters away from the students in her class. My name is Eric, so my teacher used "Leric" as my character's name. I then transferred it to a nameless orange guy I used for flash movies.

Believe me, if I had copied you (which I don't do), I'd have at least spelled the name right.

not bad one

for a first animation it was alright. cool graphics... but bad voices. i really don't think you should've used clock-style voices. i think that's a reason some people don't like it. personally, i tended to ignore that fact and concentrate on the animation itself. it had a neat idea to it and it was fun to watch for halloween.

LericStudios responds:

Yes, yes, the voices suck. I've heard it before. Thanks for the rest of the review.

oh my god i fell asleep during the movie

what the hell is that crap!

LericStudios responds:

If you hated it, why did you review it? Geez...

I like it

I like it, but the voices are... bad. I would suggest getting a microphone and recording your own voices...

LericStudios responds:

I know, the voices suck. That's because, though I have a microphone, I would only be able to get two voice actors and none of them were female. The next Leric toon will have real voices, I assure you.


I thought it was pretty cool, 4/5. The animation was good, better than I could do, but clock voices are a bit lame. I didn't really find it funny either. Great luck with new animations!

LericStudios responds:

Thanks. I tried to incorperate jokes, but the clock voices kinda wrecked them.

About the voices, I didn't have enough voice actors (and none female) as I mentioned before.

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Oct 29, 2006
4:46 PM EST
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