BR's Climate Chaos

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The Super Flash Bros present a brand new 3D adventure from the world of Another Day. Featuring original music by Dustball and voice acting by Egoraptor.


This game is graphically intensive - so be sure to change the quality to low if you have an older computer.

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-Dim & Tom

P.S. <3


im stuck !

i dont no wat i have to do and its annoying me coz its such a addictive game- and the werid voices dont help :P i dont no wat to do im on the native island so if someone can give me a heads up plz...

Finally beat it

Quite the game, I will admit, especially in Flash. The graphics of the maps initially made me a bit skeptical, due to the pixelization of the ground plane, but after a while I came to lose myself in it nonetheless. The frame by framing was quite well done.

The dialogue was a bit awkward to figure out in a few cases, but I got around it.

And that's quite an actionscripting job, too. Very impressive. Good job guys.

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Great Job

This is an innovating flash game in so many ways. I dont think i've seen an adventure game with such an advanced graphics engine yet.

The graphics are really clean (I assume Dim drew it all) and I really think you've improved alot from the very first Another Day. I did kinda miss the 'dancing' style, but with this amount of detail it must be a pain in the ass to draw for every background & character.

What i really loved about this game is that it did capture the Another Day atmosphere perfectly. I personally always saw the Another Day series as a series that combines cute, almost childish characters and backgrounds with essential mature themes. Friendship, confusion, standing up for yourself, insecurity etc. I think the story of this game, climate change, is brilliant. It's very actual and a serious problem, but presented in a very light hearted and cool manner in this game.

The actual gameplay was very well thought out also. The inventory system worked swell and the combination keyboard/mouse never gave any problems. The camera feature is very awesome, but i haven't really discovered the use of it yet. Maybe it's because I'm only still halfway and i will need to use it later :)
My only complaint is that the objectives are a bit simple. So far it's been all about going to place A, get an object and deliver it at place B again. I think it would have been awesome if there were some small mini games in the game.

Also I think the conversation system could have been done a slight bit better. The icons in the text balloons were slickly designed, but they prevented to convey any humor or depth in the dialogue. I think if there were subtitles or something, that you could have add some more humor to the dialogue and suck the viewer a bit more into the story.

These small things prevented me from giving this a full 10, but i really loved everything else about the game nonetheless. Ever since nightmare I was looking forward to a game from you two again and this one certainly lived up to all the expectations. I just wish that we could solve the global warming problem in reality also with some magic stones :p


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Freakin awesome!

The hotel disappeared though :/

Awesome game!

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks :) Because of the intensity of the game, Flashplayer sometimes (pretty rarely) bugs out and skips a line of code for no reason. If you just save the game and load it back in, it should fix itself :D


Well...I Liii~iiike it!!?

Do I? Do I!?

...yeah I kinda do

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The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

You win most random review ever! Yay! :)

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Oct 25, 2006
9:58 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
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