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Test Movie

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2-year anniversary update!

Sooooo, this movie was originally uploaded so I could style some artist-only sections of the site such as the "edit submission" forms, submission lists, and other features that involve looking at your own submissions.

I loved reading all the reviews asking why I cheated to get Turd of the Week, etc. Which is funny because while not my intent it is exactly what happened. Tim protected the movie after it got blammed the first time, so it was the lowest ranking movie to squeak through the Portal that day.

Also, I didn't even make the movie. JohnnyUtah did. :O

Original submission text below.


My first moovie...... WOOT!

Gee, I hope this makes it passed jugment!


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Well random for sure but to get an award is a nice gesture too so congrats on that and it was actually pretty funny love the randomness of it all


Funniest test I've ever seen

For only being a test movie, this was great. The music was catchy and upbeat and I love how it played off of how dumb Macgyver was as a television show. I hope we get to see more shit like this from Johnny and you in the future.




do you have a man crush?

Yep, quite bad

I hate to break this to you, but we do not generally want test movies to be put on Newgrounds. I guess this does work just fine as a test, but it is hard to give those things a good review. I never watched "MacGyver" although I did watch the parody "MacGruber" sketches on SNL as well as the movie. It helps that this is such a good theme song. What does not work is how most of the images appeared to be just Photoshopped images with regular effects. I do hope you get to making better stuff.