DumbassDude Short ep 13

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DumbassDude ep 13 is here!

'DumbassDude finds a gun!'
I respond to all Reviews.

Flash 8 required.


pretty good

it was bound to happen, dumbassdude finds a gun...well the gun could be animated better (the trigger was backward!! do you know anything about guns?) sorry i am just picky when i see underanimated guns...also there was barely any sound!!! it still was a cool flash, and, since dumbassdude (DAD for short) flys in each episode, does he have superpowers?


^^Good Points^^
It's unfortunate that the series has slowed down recently, but nonetheless a godo addition to the episode. I knew this one would be good from the description. The storyline was infact funny and I enjoyed watching this, as always.

^^Needs Improving^^
You could have made the prison scene a tad bit funnier I think.

It was decent.

This flash series is average. The animation was pretty good, I liked your backgrounds and your chracters look alright. The style of this flash was good too, I could see you making a hundred more of these. The music was awesome but I wish you had some sound effects, it's stupid to see a gun being fired without hearing a bang! This flash was also funny. Good job making this flash, keep it up!


The dude behind me was way out of line..U need to keep doing the dumbass dude series. Im glad to see u got a 3.03...Great job on the score! I hope to see more dumbass dude from u (witch i probably will) but u should take it easy. RElax take some time off flash for a week or so.Anyways i got an idea for the next dumbassdude. wanna hear it? What if dumbassdude ran into the white house and kicked the president or something...O well ill pm u about the idea later... Anyways great job on this dude. peace out


Not bad

The concept is alright and the graphics were alright, but I'll talk about them later. I think there should have been more sounds, like a gunshot or two. The graphics were pretty good however, and I think you could do bettter things than this. I hope i can see more of your work in the future, but not more "DumbassDude"

DumbassDude responds:


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3.33 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2006
2:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original