bubblers-bubble game v1.1

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just letting you know this flash isn't stolen. It says in the flash why I'm re-submitting this (go to instructions to see)

Objectives: Get bubbles to get bigger and avoid red spike things or you'll go back to normal size and your score will reset.

UPDATE: fixed the score bug.

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complex programming? uh...iono about that...

add some soft background music
make other kinds of bubbles you can pick up.
small ones...big ones...medium sized ones...
and not only can you just have a bubble that slows down time...
you could have one that's a temporary invincibility thing.
another that gives you another life...

tons of things.

you should have also made the fish do something too.
and maybe a time limit to show how much time till you get to the surface, or the next level where you would see a new kind of fish or bubble.

when i make stuff...i try to add tons of variety.

you'll notice the amount of weapons you can pick from in SS2...the obstacles in Tanks...

Spectacle responds:

I'll do the good stuff in my main games. This was just the first proper game I made. I made it ages ago. I can do alot now and I'll be submitting more soon.

Good but...

This game was pretty good. It uses some complex programming that would be difficult for beginners with actionscript to understand. But this game has some bugs which make it appear unfinished. For example, when you touch the bottom, side or top walls you bounce repetedly. This is an incredibly easy bug to fix and im suprised it was overlooked. Also it would look better if you could apply an emmbedded font to the text that shows your highscore and score. The graphics were good but not great. Otherwise good job!


You didn't change a huge amount this time; you needed to put an overlay on the thing so the colours were more dynamic and stood out less, especially on the fish. You also needed to raise the framerate WASD of the thing becasue it felt very choppy. More content would have been nice.

Try harder Charlie.

((VOTED 5))

A great game. I lvoe these games where you get bigger as you go like fishy and hungry space and stuff like that. You have definantly made a lot of improvements since the last time you submitted it too. Great powerups and random surprises too.

EXTRA COMMENTS: bubbles r fun


Very nicely Done

Graphics: 10/10
Perfectly smooth edges and stuff for me.

Style: 10/10
I loved these types of style games, There always addictive.

Sound: 10/10
I loved the sound, Very calm and relaxing.

Voilence: 0/10
Its not a voilent game, so no need to worry about this.

Interactivity: 10/10
No comment.

Humor: 0/10
Not very funny.

Overall score: 9/10
I loved this game, I didnt see any glitches or problems with it either and it is very addictive.

Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2006
3:39 PM EDT
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