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Hey guys, glad to submit this, specially after all the work I put into it. Please check out www.NextGFX.com and http://graphicsdirect.cjb.net/index.php?

Oh, commentary version is at NextGFX.com

Anyway, fun doing this, enjoy it.



Hey man it's good to see you here at NG :) It's me if you realised. Good Flash man, graphics lacked a bit but I liked it :) Keep it up

wtf was that???

i didnt understand anything. its just a random flash??? random flash are usualy funny...

GodlyKaboom responds:

I don't agree; the YuYu was a random Flash, pretty much a music video, though it was not funny. By random would mean lacking a plan, but you cannot see from your side that I had no definite idea when animating it. However, your thoughts are not completely neanderthal, as there is no story.

I can see how the pervasive cloud is pretty strange, so I can agree with you on some points, but I do have room to disagree.

A bit basic but good

I think you did well, the actual animation is a bti basic but I enjoyed the music and the storyline. the Zooming in was good as was the bullets coliding at the end. Well done, its now on my favorittes list. ROFLMAO LOl!

Yawn, slow

Quicken up your movie. It took way too long and not much happened. The choice of song was poor and the SFX were bad. I see you somehow ripped sprites of backgrounds and that cloud. Very bad choice. Acctully try to make something that will get through.
Most of the movie had nothign to do with, well, anything. so, some blobs show up. the guy kills them. He drops the gun. Some cloud swirls around. Some other guy appears. He kills the guy. He disappears. Two bullets appear and zap and explode.
Nothing to do with anything. If it's a halloween movie than it should at least try to scare us. But that failed misrebely.


niceley animated for your first movie
most peoples first movies are shit
i know mine was
it got blammed.
and i havent had any since
i liked it
but confusing as fuck...

GodlyKaboom responds:

Hehe, thanks. Confusing as in there was no story at all or...? Anyway I think I got what you mean. Thanks.

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1.72 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2006
5:33 AM EDT
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