Zombies of the Apocalypse

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Every 4th of July, PJ plays a prank on John, this time it went too far...

Watch after the credits for an extra scene!

This is a pilot for a movie series we've wanted to do for a while. If people respond positively to it, we'll continue the series.



he hella drops it on purpose

what ?!

he went all that trouble and make the time machine of some kind just to repeat the incident itself ?
forget what i said cool man....
make some more...

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'Nother classic

I remember this one, lmao. This movie is pretty great, mixing the comedy genre with zombies usually always comes out great. The movie had its serious moments, but you did a great job balancing the comic relief idea of it. Especially with that badass jester hat.
The humor was pretty good, had a good flow, the art wasn't amaaazziing, but it was still enjoyable and it had an alright style.

Oh come on,

What kind of a sawed-off double-barrel makes a "pop" sound? I would have expected a manly "boom" or a "pow" at the very least. But no, the shotgun sounds weaker than a .22.

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lol nice

great movie funny but couldve seen a litle bit more zombie killing from the motorcycle guy i mean they were surrounded and u only killed like 6 and then boom ur in a teleporter room come on...

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4.10 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2006
8:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original