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The Mighty Trio 1.3

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This is the third installment of the "The Mighty Trio."


Another awesome addition to the series

It still had the same quality of humor, when Death Man whipped out his gun and blew the guy away I laughed my ass off. I wasn't expecting everyone in the Trio to be toting guns, but I suppose it didn't take away from the overall plot as there have been several gun toting superheroes before, it just seemed unexpected. Again, the file size seems just too large especially when it compares to the file size of something like "Prowlies," but it wasn't too bad a wait. If you have too large a file size though, the average NG viewer is just going to close the box and vote "2" for the save point and not even watch your flash; it's sad but I've heard it that people do this frequently. :(


Nice Frame by Frame animation, very good sound quality (gotta tell me how to get rid of all the breathy sounds from speech)

Oh yeh i forgot, i have this!

Although we knew it was coming the line was still great.

Ghosty22 responds:

I was actually worried that my sound wasn't that good. I've been having microphone problems lately. As far as avoiding breath in your recordings, sometimes it's good enough to hold the mic a little farther away...

Sometimes it helps to not talk directly into the mic, but talk above it so that the stream of air coming out of your mouth passes over the top of the mic, rather than hitting it...

Also, I find that when I'm doing characters, I tend to talk more forcefully. Altering your breath often makes you breathe harder, because you have to work to force air through your clenched vocals chords... It might be helpful to try your lines first with your hands in front of your mouth so you can gage how much air is coming out. Those are the best suggestions I can come up with...

It might also be helpful to know that it took me several takes to get them right. Don't be afraid to reject your bad takes...

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2006
6:04 PM EDT
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