Technology Today Episode2

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Listen up!
This is the continuation of part one!
not a completly different episode!
so go watch part one before you watch this.
other wise it doesnt make sence. ok?

oh and dont bother surfing my music for the song you think i used in this. I really just did the music for the part where it fades in and out AFTER the story part. its not a full song cut down its just something i added in. Like in 10 ways mario can die with the jumping part.

yeah.... its finally done. part to of technology today. i dont really know if this is better then the 1st one. i probaly would say they are both the same. but this i sort of lost interest in cuz ya know i was working on it since like June! I got lazy and stuff. I'm sorry if its not as good as the last one. I will try better next time

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I'm not a big fan of the art in your movie. The hands are too small...and a bit other nit-picky things that you really shouldn't listen to me about. But, this was an overall decent movie. Humor is a bit static and used in countless other movies...like the use of the Benny Hill theme. But, hey, it's not bad to me.

Oh, and thanks loads for using my music!!!

DrClay responds:

you welcome my friend.
Thank you for the great music. :)

im glad you find it ok.

ya i know the humor is a little bad.
I got a little lazy.
Sry about that man. :(


And it's BENNY Hill not Bunny Hill.

DrClay responds:

eh... i'll fix that. dont worry though i didnt make that mistake in the flash itself.

Great Job

Looks like you worked hard on this and the animation and graphics were great.


Not too bad really. Although didn't really laugh or anything but it was ok to watch...

DrClay responds:

thats ok. atleast it was ok to watch right? thats a positive thing atleast.

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4.53 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2006
4:56 PM EDT
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