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Press Start: Trite

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Press Start: Bonus Levels
"Symphony of the Trite"

Vlad's phone conversation is rudely interrupted by an irksome vampire hunter. Featuring David Humphrey, the original voice of Shadow the Hedgehog!

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on the upcoming videogame comedy movie "Press Start".

Created and animated by "Press Start" writer Kevin Folliard and produced by "Press Start" director/producer Ed Glaser, "Bonus Levels" goes where the movie can't, introducing audiences to the world of the film even before the movie is completed.

Each episode is only a few minutes long and features the voice talents of the "Press Start" cast, as well as others, plus music by professional videogame composer Jake "virt" Kaufman.

For more information about "Press Start", visit www.PressStartMovie.com.

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That was hilarious! It was just so much fun seeing this play out. Well, I wasn't literally playing it. Shouldn't David have voiced a character like Shadow the Hedgehog? Well, it's still hilarious. The best bit is probably when he mentions that he's paying him back with his own money.

The voices make this. I wasn't expecting him to succeed. Well, only for 15 minutes at this point anyway. He was right! I loved the too far away jokes too.

quite funny, raises some good points about castlevania

Have at You!!!

trenton's cross fails and Vlad lighting failed just as bad....
keep it up :)

lol threw the cross

and was out of range xD wow trenton fails