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Animated music video for Melbourne solo hip-hop artist Panika's song "Bezerk", from the album "Genetically Modified".

A very cute and colourful piece, incorporating "lush" imagery to create a mesmerising variation on a concept first explored in my earlier clip for "Left Behind" by Ugly Duckling.

"Panika's latest release, "Genetically Modified" is a melting pot of sizzling Australian electro-hip hop lushness.

"Once again, never afraid to voice an opinion, Panika slides through issues of life, love, living and all that comes in between through a blend of hip hop, drum n bass and electro squelch beats.

"As a solo female artist, Panika has spent the last year mac-top-DJing around Melbourne, and working with other like-minded hiphopheads like DJ Noir, El-fee from LABJACD and MC Serenade, from Sista She.

"Recorded in a 1970s unit this album is a truly underground experience."


Becoming quickly unoriginal.

The "we're running on street" concept worked fine for left behind, but I instantly realised that you were reusing it - even though I did not realise you were same guy who made the left behind animation (until I watched it for 15 seconds, then I thought that it has to be you). I'll get to the point - don't reuse it again. It worked awesome for the "left behind" - so just let it rest because it's quickly becoming predictable and more importantly boring. I would also suggest practising human figure drawing. I think that's about all advice I can give you.

kennsj responds:

Artistically, I can see where you're coming from. But essentially, the client wanted something like my clip for "Left Behind", and that's what I delivered.

Who are you to give commands like "don't reuse it again", though? While I appreciate the feedback, I don't particularly appreciate the supercilious tone.

It's nice that you remember my "Left Behind" clip, though.

Great job!

I really enjoyed this peice. You can't go wrong with ukaleles ; )
Cheers, mate.

NOT bad

the lip syncing was really good it was almost perfect! kudos

Really good

I like your style. This will probably get front page or something. Anyways, great movie and cool graphics.


..............................Very strange.... i have no idea how anyone could think of making this, i don like it i think.....

kennsj responds:

Dude. Get an imagination.

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3.48 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2006
7:08 PM EDT
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