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Jerries Actoin Thiler

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Lols2allofuimo dis is my full legnth actoin trileers who was wat makes it da best fing u have eva seen. lol if u dnt like dis that is cos u prefeer movies wit da talkin in an not actions like wot dis has. Presenedted by Jerry Jcakson Prodciutons and made at Powersupermotoins Studions in californian USa

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Jerryjackson is the man! He makes Michael Bay his bitch. Amazing as always!

It's alright, in it's own way, and has a few funny moments in it..
But, aside from that sparce content, the only reason anyone likes it is becuse it's David Firth, and there's no getting around that.

Any other flash of the same quality would've been blasted into oblivion long ago.

In response to fruitloops:

fruitloops said:

"Jerry Jackson is the eptiome of Newgrounds' plummet from being a fun, innovate site to one that's on the same shit-tier as ebaum's world. This flash is no exception to the taking a dump that this artist does. And guess what the newgrounds viewers do? The eat this shit up. Rate 10's, because lolsorandumb! and because "Oh wow, the satire!""

Clearly this user believes he has quite a point to make and is above the crowd that enjoys Jerry Jackson. 0/10 for pretention.

"No. There's no satire here, bros. There's just a dose of retard cranked out in five seconds to once again prove Newground's userbase and Flash Submitters are some of the biggest morons on the internet. But enough banter on that, what about the flash?"

The user doesn't seem to understand the word "satire" as used by other Jerry Jackson fans. It is a play on the "retard" that is cranked out by other artists. What separates Jerry Jackson from other retarded animations is that it is actually funny, and that it is actually meant to be terrible. All of the animation faux pas are 100% intentional. 0/10 for lack of understanding.

"Animation: 0/10. There's a difference between STYLE and even trying. This is no style. This is crap. When an artist can do better and has done better, to produce something like this consistently is the biggest vulgarity comittable. I think it's even more ironic that some of these 'animations' have higher scores than Salad Fingers. That's the best joke here, and it's not even intentional."

It's actually quite ironic that you would rate the animation at all. I'll leave it at that. 0/10 for idiocy.

"Sound: 0/10. Who likes terrible filtered audio? WE DO! Actually, we don't. Again, chalk this one up for annoying, trite, and accomplishing nothing."

One thing I love about this review is how clever it is. See how the user utilizes rhetorical questions like quite the wiz kid? I'm done rating, you get the point.

"Humor: 0/10. Stolen jokes and skits are funny, right guys? Right?"

I did notice many stolen jokes and skits in this. I really really really did.

"Overall: -10/10. That's fucking right. [<-- Ooohh, we're getting serious now 0_0] Negative 10. And I'll tell you why, Newgrounds. This animation ties together overused jokes and arrangements with animation done terribly on purpose as well as ear-killing audio. Voting anything higher than 2 automatically lets me know you're the idiot who bought into this 'joke' of a 'bad animation', when really, it's just a fucking bad animation and the only joke here is you. Consistently producing less-than-subpar [<-- quite like that phrase, what a smartie you are] material isn't comedy, it's a farce. You don't go into a store and buy a pizza and they hand you only a week-old crust because "lol, that's so funny and such a good depiction of the way it is". You don't go to the movies to watch something by a big name producer and come out after a shitfest saying, "Oh, man, that was so terribly bad it was good, I can't wait for his next shitfest movie". And you don't come to Newgrounds and vote 10 on a flash that is terrible."

Ugh, I don't even want to reply to that. Have fun being a tuft of douches, fruitloops.

I enjoy Jerry Jackson. I find it a humorous portrayal of how dipshits, very much like fruitloops, might see the world. 10/10 for a good laugh.


this should be played in school's