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Sunday Comics & Toons 004

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Thanks for frontpage, Tom!

In this week's issue you'll find bouncing-swearing balls, aliens, animated garbage, dynamite, a dead bully, two idiots sleeping and yet another man with penislessness!

All constructive reviews will be replied to.

This week includes some cool updates! A new button layout, music options and a shorter intro (until I find something different to put there). Enjoy!

If you can't get enough and want to join, come on over to the thread at http://www.newgrounds.co


Greatest God Damn Flash EVER!!!!

All I Can Say Is Wow....best series on newgrounds

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RSQViper responds:

I honestly can't believe the broad spectrum of reviews we've been getting.

Things form "AWESOME FLASH!" to "THE IS SH*T!"

I'm glad you like it! Keep coming back!

attempting constructive criticism

Before i get started, let me say its a good effort. the fact that you have such limited time to get it together is impressive that this much got done
however, there is still room for much improvement.
now, i know i'm not a flash artist (yet), but after watching all of these i was left somewhat disapointed.
no offense, but i found virtually none of them to be outright funny. they had the potential to be funny, but the delivery of the jokes left much to be desired. the animation could also use improvement, but im sure it will over time.
since you're planning to do this every week (that is the intention, right?) perhaps you would reconsider to every two weeks or something like that so there would be more time to improve the quality.
All in all though, it was a good attempt, better than anything ive attempted yet, and i will check in on future submissions to see how things turn out.
i hope that was helpful or informative, but whatever, its just my point of view.

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RSQViper responds:

Well, I appreciate at least an informative review with the lower score.

In just about all Flash there is room for improvement and if you'll take a look at the lists of Flash to the Flash artists you'll see most don't have tons of experience.

That being said and taking alook at what we have here I have been overall extremely impressed with the new artists I've been working with and I constantly encourage them to striv to the next level each week.

Thanks for the detailed review. I'd give you a gold star if I had one. *

Nicely done, especially with the time given

i thought it was great, but random....

id love if you kept it weekly and with whats really going around in society and could make fun of it....or make it comical in some way, but the idea of a animated REAL comic... would ROCK!!

i would love to join, but i just dont got the time to put into it, but mannnn this idea is awesome IF kept up


good work guys, must have been a challenge to get done in time


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RSQViper responds:

Thanks a lot for the support.

As far as stories go, they are up to the indivisual authors so it will be random, but that's also kind of the point. Only on occasion will the C&T have a theme. And that would be on holidays mostly.

they were quite funny comics

it was cool but they were a bit short some of them but they were funny and wierd and i like them well done

RSQViper responds:

Well, they are supposed to be short. I mean, they have to be made in less than a week, really and then sent to me to put the whole collab together and get it working properly.

I'm glad you like them, though. They are certainly something you don't see every day around here and with every week there are improvements.

Thanks again for the review!


Finally something with my works makes the front page. Thanks for using my music.

RSQViper responds:

I liked the piece quite a bit and it fit in, I thought, with the collab. It'll be used for at least a few weeks as well.

So, thank YOU for having it!

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3.65 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2006
1:03 AM EDT
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