FS Short: Plug In 31

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After doing a small course in flash animation, I thought I could take my spritecomic site (www.funkypixel.comicdemons.com) further, by having comics done in flash! After about 3 weeks of on-and-off work, it's finally finished!

Just a few notesfor the non-videogame inclined: The flashy bit is a parody of a Pokemon battle, with the music and graphics to match

A style change is a form of power up MegaMan.exe can gain by figting a certain way. You can't activate it just like that, so that's why that battlechip is so impressive.

In reality, that 'strange battlechip' is an attack card from Sonic Battle. You program a robot to fight like sonic characters.


hahahaha amy style

(( This was notbad kinda neat actually ))

Fun flash with some very sharp visuals, and just love the sprites it was nice work, and it had a good battle scene very nice job on this, keep up the good work.

I think its fine.

Fun flash with sharp sprites.


Lol, niiiiiice.

Very nice MMBN flash, I'm surprised this doesn't have at least a 3.00 rating. To be honest, I like this more than The Darkpower series, which is still good. The fights did a great job of resembling an actual fight in the game, and the timing done with the words was just right for me, but some people might have thought the speed of the words was a little too fast. And the Amy style chip was great! Did you create the Amy Style Megaman sprite on your own? If so, nice work! Good luck on making another great MMBN flash!

It was alright

I just don't really like MMBN

GrooveMan-exe responds:

Thanks for your comments.

Each to his own, I guess. However, MMBN is my preferred sprite style, so I'd do more flashes using them.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't deviate to other games though.

Very good.

You are superb at sprites. Email me at creamyscore@hotmail. com I would love to collab a sprite movie with you. This might get frontpage.

GrooveMan-exe responds:

Thanks for your comments!

Will do. The portal will bow before our might!

*is bricked*

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2.76 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2006
3:29 PM EDT
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