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9/11, N3vAr f0rg3t

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Author Comments

First of all, i'd like to point out i never knew any of these clocks and i'm a noob in the clockcrew.
This animation was made to tribute those who passed away from us on that god awfull day, to pay my respects. Sorry if it's a day late, i couldn't submit this yesterday due to personal reasons. Vote five if you're a true patriot!

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Cock Crew

I don't like the clock crew, but since this is a 9-11 memorial flash, I give it a 55 and 10/10.

BunnyClock responds:

Your country expects nothing less from you

Thank you

My cousin and my brother died in the 9/11 hyjaking. Both were US Marines and members of the Clock Crew. I take this as a memorial flash to not only them, but to all who died then. If anyone tries to blam this they are communists and terrorists!

BunnyClock responds:

In a way, everybody's family. I lost 3000 relatives that day :'(


I burst out laughing just listening to the stupid music with the dumb looking clocks :P But work better next time :P


BunnyClock responds:

More like MentalMori am i right?
Meh, i guess you're entitled to your own oppinion.

Is this a joke to you?

Seriously? All this is is just a continuous string of clock crew stuff with a picture of an american flag in the background. This is an insult to the people who died on 9/11

BunnyClock responds:

You forgot about the music!!!




BunnyClock responds:

Happy (late) birthday Heffron, is it too late to make you something?