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The Real 9-11 Story

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Not to be taken seriously.

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it was an inside jod bro smh

Very funny and had a great twist at the end! This was just absolutely hilarious!

Wow,anyone who compliments your un-impressive flash "skills" or tries to point out "well he DID say not to be taken seriously" belongs in the same moronic fucktard category that you just became the poster boy for.First of all,the flash was shit and you just re-used certain sequences over and over.Second,"not to be taken seriously" is what you say about a joke.Why the fuck would you make a joke flash about 9/11?I'm guessing you didn't lose anyone you love and probably don't know anyone who did.So i'll leave this review with a question...How much bath salts do you do on any given day?

that is horrible and you should be locked away


Happy 911... really... ANYWAY exellent animation and theme for fonts and design and those things got me hyped. Good job. Just refrain on using tragic dates as happy days thnx.