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I know what you're thinking... Ana's pregnant. And she's gonna look like she did before. But you're forgetting about... ONE... THING........

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It was nice to see something from you in color. I admit this isn't one of my favorites. I mean, it doesn't have much setup. It's just Shaq as a mermaid. It's still a cool concept. There's nothing gross about it.

The music's pretty sweet. I mean that in every sense of the word. It sounds like something from a Cola commercial. It's as non sequitur as it gets. It's pretty nice.

I hope that dude with the lawn mower didint have his abdomen shredded...

Also this animation is very interesting but not very smooth.

Michael is such a jerk, he crashed my friend's car twice, and now his car!

THis is what newgrounds has always been, should be, and should be...in the future. Awesome.

IM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU! This is seriously great. I have never seen any of your vidoes until today and now I have so much catching up to do! Whathaveibeendoingwithmylife?