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I have only been in flash a month and a half! vote fairly!

Vote or die mutha fucka v-v-v-v-ote or die boom chi boom boom chi chi.

the 2nd one is out omfg go check it out


How interesting

This deserves its Underdog Of The Week award for how it is. The thing I did not like was how some of the jokes just seemed too immature, like the masturbating stick figure. The first fight was still quite decent and unpredictable. The animation that was shown on the intro was really cool! I would have liked to see it more detailed like that. There isn't that much of a story because there's like three stories that are all non-related. They progessively go from good to bad.

Overall, it's hard to say if I would recommend this. It is quite unique in its layout. The fights aren't that bad, but they could be a bit longer. At least you don't have any idea what is going to happen next. It should be popular among fans of non-sequitor stuff and as a fan of that, I think the good probably outweighs the bad here.

It's the most amazing, beatiful, and fantastic....

movie i've ever seen in my entire life. Thank you sir, you have done us all a huge favor. The graphics of the movie are superb. State of the art in every way. Every frame is done with pure perfection, and made my eyes cry and weep with joy every second of the delight. The originality is incredible. I've never seen an idea done so flawlessely on a crummy site like this. The sound is crisp and amazing. My ears were pleased and I came in my pants at the first sound.

The violence was not even there, but there at the same time. Everything in the movie was bloody, and like real life when you react to something. The interactivity made me think I was a part of the movie. You've broken the fourth wall effortlessly, and amazingly with the simplest form. The humour was spot on and current. I loved every part of this movie. You are a flash master. If god watched this movie, he would personally go to Earth and give you a high five. I tip my hat to you sir.

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I wish all this was true -____-


I <3 you!

HoboPorn responds:

aaahhhh I love you to :D

You notice this is number one for review versus score diffrence? 0_o crazy eh?

out of every submission I have number 1

Fine! You win!

I put my other review to this flash and it has been delete. I guess this is good animation but try to change the rating because it contain something that children doesn't want to see.

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your not putting enough time and thought into your work.
come up with a story.
better luck next time.

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Thats the point in this movie just random shit.

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1.75 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2006
8:55 PM EDT
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