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"Command & Conquer - Why Generals - Zero Hour sucks" shows you the typical disaster of an EA game ...

EDIT: Oh wow, the movie finally got a REAL newsentry at ONE C&C fansite... awesome. God, i suck.

So, this is my second attempt at an C&C movie ... this is about the game Generals, by EA Games (the assholes who buy up all other companies just to get rid of em). At the start of the movie you will see some logo stuff, but that will change soon... i made it as entertaining as possible.

I know i should have done more stuff inside the movie... i had ideas about Alpha Auroras, Laser Crusaders... but in the end there were the file size problems... and soon i would have no time to work on the movie anymore, some other reasons.

So i needed to rush some scenes ... yeah like EA does it with their games. Producing this movie actually made me sick ... i actually hate the game, but still i play it, it´s kinda addicting. And then there was this "FINISH THE FUCKING MOVIE" feeling... so i did my best to finish it.

Yes the ending sucks, but i seriously didn´t want to work on it anymore ... fuck ... Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe was a million times easier to make.

I think the movie was a failure in the end...

But still... have fun watching...



im giving this a 7

i am sorry,but it is maybe funny and humoristic,but the game itself is good,and some mods make it better.
im not saying you shouldn't show your opinion wroldwide but im just saying that its not entirely right that ZH and EA themself are bad,in fact,generals and ZH was the best and only good game of EA.
the only thing making this game wroster are mods that makes the game g@y are a few mods who make the game easy and emptey of challanges,while only a few mods increases realism in this game or even come in a diffrent shortcut and progrem,which makes the game completly realistic.
but in other words,the video is very funny and humoristic.

Good in a humorous way but...

Come on man. I really thought of you as a true humorist after watching the earlier C&C videos, but this one showed a little too serious side of you. Whatever the specifics are in Zero hour, please remember: It's still only a game. True that the netgaming bugs should be repaired but like the minigunner thing...no.
And just because EA bought out Westwood, it doesn't mean they fuck up everything. The graphics in RA2 and YR were different but still good. Have a bit more open mind on things. Still, your videos still rock. Keep up the good work! And the humor part too. :)


Honestly i didn't really think C&C3 was that bad, but generals zh was still bad, and confusing... i still give this about 8.5/10 and a 3/5


that was brilliant


So i thought only zero hour sucks well your wrong pal you used a cnc (which means EA)Generals on the back story

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Sep 8, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody