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Ok, fixed the mysterious problem of the game not loading properly. The internet really doesn't like CF1. But never mind that, CF2 should be arriving shortly...

Fixed the mysterious huge lag problem in the main menu. Turns out it was down to one stupid frame. Read my news post for details.


Start the game in one of three mode of play:
CAMPAIGN: Defeat the boss of each arena to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels
Create your own custom game with your own teams, settings and rules in a melee style blood-bath
Defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the online scoreboard

Default controls:
-LEFT: move left
-RIGHT: move right
-UP: jump
-DOWN: block
-Z: attack 1
-X: attack 2
(you can change the controls in the settings menu)

We're planning a multiplayer sequel to the game, but don't hold your breath, we've gotta learn XML sockets first :P


god damn the music was banging, i was proper jamming to that ting.

on the other hand though it was quite appalling that you die from falling off edges that i never knew about in the first place

the little people move too quickly so i was bound to fall a lot, maybe if the little people didnt move too quickly then yes the falling wouldn't be a problem

the controls of your choice is good i like how all you have to do is just input a key of your choice that actually helps and i wish all games had this idea when it comes to keyboard games etc.

i also love how you get to choose your character. thats always a favorite

The unforgettable Ice World theme!

awesome game and you used the sound effects from Half-Life

cool game awesome

Ah, I remember this game being REALLY fun when I played it as a child.

Strange how different the world is when you're older, eh? It sounds like this EON guy confused the word "chaos" with "randomness." I dunno, maybe it was good for 2006, but now I suppose I'm used to games with GOOD controls and hazards that WARN you before they kill you INSTANTLY.

I'm sure I died at least 10 times on Mr. Smith's level. Whether planes zipped across the screen out of nowhere, or the elevator disoriented me and I died as soon as I stepped out, or I got tazed and sent into the abyss (which I was only able to do to HIM once), or I teleported off the screen... yeah, that's right. I'm playing the game normally, fighting and stuff, and suddenly I am offscreen for no reason. Smith didn't use any weapon, no planes went by, and I sure didn't jump off just for fun.

So I beat him, and then Biplane Man practically kills himself. Then I get to Ninja... and it's even worse because this time it's not the hazards that kill me (there are none), the game just decides to start cheating! I walk right over an item but Ninja gets it by following me because he's apparently the game's favorite character.

And Vortigon's stage... just wow. At least the music ALMOST made up for all the nearly unavoidable deaths. Then - you're not gonna believe this - I won because the game cheated in my favor. I just looked at my character and suddenly I have 6 hearts despite dying at least once, and then I randomly - there's that word again - survived an atomic bomb while Vortigon killed himself several times (which he NEVER EVER did before that last fight).

So, I think it's quite fitting that after I finished the game it opened ChaosFaction.com, which then redirected me to a Yahoo search for "play online games free." It was not only a display of how broken the game is overall, but a request to play something better somewhere else.
I guess a half-rating works, since about half of the game is actually good. (Also, what even is the point of a level editor with nothing but platforms?) I don't often leave reviews in the first place, but I felt this game deserved it, so here you go. Hope the developer reads this some day, although if I know Newgrounds, he may just end up crying and insulting me for pointing out the huge flaws in this "classic."

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Aug 30, 2006
9:58 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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