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Arnie's Adventures (VGDC)

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Please click the "Who's Arnie" button to find out more info on who this character is.

There's a fart joke in this, and I will always have one in every movie from here on out because I know the people who say they hate them really love them! ;)

BE SURE TO WATCH ALL 3 SCENES! There are a few easter eggs, can you find Arnie's girlfriend "Arnette?". If you enjoy this movie be sure to watch the version at www.videogamedc.com which is slightly different.

Special thanks to all who helped in making this movie, especially my voice actors!

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Too bad Randy is no longer here with us, cause while I felt at first like these short animations were cringy, I ended up getting a laugh out of them, that is, apart from the 3rd short movie.

This may be about 8 years late, but pepsihollick, I'm just going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that Randy Solem wasn't being spiteful, when he made Arnie.
Whilst I can see how it could be considered in bad taste, I'm willing to look past that and enjoy the video.

And this is coming from someone who could be considered "special" too, so if you think I'm saying it with no foundation or understanding for what it's like to be disabled, both mentally and physically, I assure you that I'm not.

This video is funny.

<:( I feel sad for Arnie, I want to help him turn normal again. *Solar panels appear above head* I've got it! With the help of a 1-up Mushroom, Arnie's brain damage will go away, turning Arnie back to normal! It's foolproof! *Hits block, it contained a 1-up Mushroom, gives it to Arnie*eats it, his brain damage goes away, turning him back to normal* Arnie: Where-Where am I, how did I get here, what's going on, and who are you?

That was hilarious! I don't know why the rating isn't higher. It's great that Randy gave a lot of background for this character. Was this last cartoon? It's a shame we never got to see more fart jokes. This had a great one.

The music was nice too. The best part was easily the third one. If the whole cartoon was just that, I probably would have given this the full score. It's great to reference your other movies.