[ACD] Frenchman Special

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I have nothing against clocks, AntiClock Day is only a joke.
On clock day 2005 I got really pissed off with all the crap with high ratings so I started making this. But after a few hours I calmed down and realised that it was a stupid thing to do. Then a little over a year later I hear of Anticlock Day and decide it's the perfect opportunity to finish and submit this movie, unfortunately I didn't hear of ACD until the day before. So I added a quick ending and slapped on some filters. Enjoy, no offence to clocks.

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Meh, it kind of reflects the material you were parodying.

Lambtaco responds:

It was more about the sentiment than the content. I admit this hasn't aged well.


HAHA!! The Dirty Frenchman strikes again!! He should've said somthing funny like. "I got your "B" Right here!" ^_^ Oh well, good flash, and probably one of the only decent ACD Flashes I've seen.

Lambtaco responds:

I would have had him say that but the guy who does the voice for the Frenchman is out of town, maybe I'll add that later. Thanks for reviewing.

very good, especialy for a "hate" flash.

while i don't realy aprove of hate flashes, this was done comicly and stylishly, so it's got my vote. the grafics were great, (loved the blur effects!) the audio was halarious, it was nice and bloody, and it was awsome watching some french guy beat the liveing shit out of clocks. :) i gave style a 0 'cause it's anti-clock, and i don't like hate flashes. but overall, this was cool as hell. nice one!

Lambtaco responds:

I wouldn't really call it a "hate" Flash. It's just a submission for ACD. Thanks for reviewing.

anything ANTI-clock

gets a 5 from me.

Lambtaco responds:

Let's just hope there's enough people who automattically 5 anticlock stuff to make up for the people who automattically zero anticlock stuff.


i cant believe this is only 82kb! it looks really nice, the humor wasnt really good but the rest was neat. A job nicely done.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. I guess it wasn't really meant to be all that funny, the joke is really ACD itself.

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
9:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody