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The Lost Collab: A collab about the TV show Lost.

Time taken: 1 month and 13 days.

All reviews will be responded to. Watch all of the parts before voting.

This collab has parts from:
And Queen.

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Not bad

My opinion was that Queen was the best. Good Graphics.
Audio was very quiet though.

Great Job Team

Ok ill take this piece by piece.

Hoogi- The graphics could have been better a mean a picture, that u didnt even cut out. Put the jokes and the aliens made up for that. hahahaha Tween Attack!

Queen-Good drawings, however voices were a little lower.

Shinoobi- The best, I really enjoyed this the fight scene was excellent, maybe just have him go to the treasure room or something, but not really needed.

From The Underwater fellow,
Divern00b (JWaldGar)

Hoogiman responds:


I owe you lots of reviews. :o

Hahaha, that was great!

I laughed a lot at Hoogi's part! The concept was really weird and all that "crappy style" made me laugh! The funniest of them all!

Queen's part was pretty good aswell, the graphics were original and great as always. It was funny and random, but the extremely low voices ruined a part of the fun :(

Shin00bi's was good too, it had some good drawings, could have been better, but they had a higher quality than the average here :P
The credits were a bit too long, but I enjoyed it.

Good work, everyone! :D

Hoogiman responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed our collab! :D


Well, to start with, in my opinion, Shin00bi's part was the best part, mainly because it seemed to be animated well and such, it looked really good.
Queens was sort of funny, in a weird and strange way, lol, I still liked it, very random P:
And Hoogi's, LOL! That was just crazy, not the best looking one but cirtainly the funniest one.

Overall I liked this collab, the looks in most of them where good.
As was the humor in most of them.
Sound was good, can't fault the sounds.

So yes, good collab and great work.

Nice job guys :)



Hoogiman responds:

Thanx, glad you enjoyed our little collab. :D

What has become of Shin00bi anyways? :o

Thanks once again. :D


I liked them all, though Hoogi's was the funniest one. Not that good graphics on that one, but it was ok. they were all decent flash movies

The Queen movie was NOT funny at all. So work on that.

Other than that, ROCK ON!

Hoogiman responds:

Yayz, thank yeh for the review. :)

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3.03 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
6:42 PM EDT
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