MegaMan Bros (EP1)

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UPDATE:NOW that my new game has been released, win this game and you will be awarded with a secret password to unlock two new characters!!!, and thanks to the people that support me on this baby.

MY FRIST FLASH EVER, a game where you can play as Zero, Mario and the long waited SKY POP!, features gameplay of two games, but this is actually the idea, youll see soon that this may change a little but, i recon my errors and ill try to not make them again, HOPE you like this time!!!! get ready for my secuel in a few months, which will be played more like a megaman game, whit less cutscenes, but MORE, more action-packed stages, selectable characters, and a original-and terryfing- final boss. sorry for not make a well combination of the mouse and the key when you r playing with mario and zero in the frist version of this swf file, but i think this may help, but i guess not..... may i get bether on ths in my secuel, which is on its way, now im working on mere animations as well....


This has a lot of potential

You did a good job. You can do much better though. I know you can. Keep trying

MasterMarioMX responds:

thanks for the cherry up, i need to practice frist and...well...get rid of my lazyness next XD, and then....finish the EP3 xD

too hard but fun anyway

i couldn't get past the 1st part or shoot. the music was awsome though! try making an easier version where u know what 2 do, and its ready for the collection in my opinion!

This review is insanely well received!
MasterMarioMX responds:

thanks for the response, im on my secuel, and im looking for ideas, ill try to make sings to guide the players, and finally, thanx for the idea! and for the review, im happy you like it! i need to improve this flash


It was ok, but it needs work. As said before the jump butten needs to be moved, that or the shoot butten. Think of it like this.
[R] <- Shoot
[A] [S] <- Dash, Slah (in what ever order)
[^] <- jump and movement buttens
[<] [v] [C]

I find with shoot at the [R] key it lets my press it faster. Try it lol.

Anyway. Wasn't to impresse with the controles and the rotating of the sprites isn't a good thing.

Good Luck on you nxt flash! Judging by this i expect good things to come of you!

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MasterMarioMX responds:

if you know how to make selectible controls, i mena, a configurator or something, ill implement that eright away, otherwise, i cant make bether controls... sorry for that

Good Job!

Good Job,But there a bug on the last mission that zero don't shot. Fix

This review is insanely well received!
MasterMarioMX responds:

oh well, thanks for the review, long time i do not receive one, and thanks for the bug repport, ill try to find fix it.. as soon as i get the old PC back XD! hope my lazyness dont keep me from finish my next game XD

Too many megaman games!!!

I've seen too many mageman games with nearly the same concept/quality like this one.But whatever,this is a not bad platformer game.
Besides,I can't go through the stage somewhere in the air.Perhaps I wasn't that good to beat up this game.

This review is insanely well received!

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2006
2:44 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other