Super Sprite Bros Melee 2

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-Woot Frontpage! Thankyou Newgrounds!
-Daily third! Awesome!

*Sorry about the filesize. Thanks to Tom for increasing our upload limit*

Due to many reviews here are the angry words of QC. Angry Qc Says :

"Ok guys, you really got me MAD now. Im tired of you always saying '' omgzors, l00k at th1s m0v1e it sucks0rs b3c4use my favorite guy didnt win, im gonna cry.

Theres something you guys need to know, EVERY characters can win, even if they are pink, wear green, EVEN if they are yellow with black stripes called electrobuzz. Why Buu didnt win? simple, what if Game_Max HATES buu? (wich I dont) and he chose him only to beat the crap out of him? we dont have to do researches to know if a character can win or not.they all can. i dont freaking care if buu can do stuff like kamehameha, Zelos has a sword, and has magic abilities. So why cant he win? Stop voting low only because your favorite character won.To be frank, i would have liked cloud to win, but he didnt, have I cried like you did? no. You guys have NO control on what we want to do.

And yes, there is 2 bass. but who cares. I understand sonic should be in, but suggestions like this are appreciated. We will think about it for the 3rd.

This reply is not only for you, but for EVERYONE who complained about who won."

After the huge sucess of the first one, a second one had to be made! There were many reviews asking for a second one and suggesting how it should be done and we took those suggestions and created Super Sprite Bros Melee 2! 20 different characters from many different games comming together for the ultimate sprite tournament. 10 different authors came together to make this collab. QC_Storm, Game_Max, Lil_Gossy, Ludakris, Shiek_Sprite, BORKOYz, NazelbikAuthor (NA), _Angel_, Slow_Shadow, Daniel Sun.

Be sure to watch it to the end to see who the winner is and please leave a review! We'll be sure to read them all!



Fade to white. Fade to black. Fade to white. Fade to black.

Sprite sheets used countless times fighting battles that have been done again and again on newgrounds. Slap everyones favorite characters into one cartoon, add pointless violence barly animated and a sequal of a movie that was average the first time.

If you did the same thing and spent time drawing everything out, at least it wouldn't be a sprite movie, but it still wouldn't be worth watching.

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why is naruto characotrs,buu,cloud,electabuzz,blood y megaman charactors and a transformer in it
p.s naruto sucks
p.s.s none of these charactor will EVER appear in a smash bros game so dont get ur hopes up
p.s.s.s maybe megaman
p.s.s.s.s i dont give a shit if you are dumass enuf to like naruto
p.s.s.s.s.s im not narmally this harsh but it annoys me when you see shit like this
p.s.s.s.s.s.s (6 s's) to improve you should: GET SUM DECENT CHARACTORS,MAKE THE THING MORE REASONABLE (shadow gettin owned by a truck comin out of nowhere?)
p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s your not the first i do thing thing all the time with ideas like at the top
p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s (last one) dont message me sayin crap like "0mfg how can u not like [enter charactor here]" or "chill out whats ure proplem"

just as i thought

you are obviously a link fanboy because i counted 9 illogical (not stupid, impossible) wins.
1. link beating mario
2. zelos beating kid buu
3. kirby beating a gundam
4. sasuke beating zero
5. naruto beating bass
6. master cheif beating shadow
7. link beating cloud
8. zelos and link surviving that 5 player match
9. link beating zelos

i love good fights but i HATE illogical fights. think before you animate shitty link groupie. link would never win that tournament in a million years so i suggest you do not make a third one just so that you can animate link winning again.

this sucked

this fllash was to shitty the fights sucked....and out of all they picked some weak ass sprites.....blam this!!!!!

Tooooo Big

Maybe i would have given it a bigger score, if i could have played it, yeh you've said sorry about the file size, but if your going to submit something that big, at least give it a pre-loder, or something for us to watch.

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
2:22 PM EDT