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Mario: the shadow stars 3

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Author Comments

The last part in the series.

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Super fire powerz lol

That was pretty good.

That and the previous 2 were... funny! I especially liked the waffle joke things. A shadow star type movie had been in my head for a while. Looks like someone beat me to it. Oh well. Moving on...

Best one in the series!!

i learned from this movie that u should always look down before jumping out of buildings....u could die:(

Kind of an anti-climactic ending huh

Graphics: they were sprites but you did a great job with animation so i gave a 9/10. the powers and attacks looked sweet, and i like the sprite of the transformed bowser.

Style: You put in some elements that ive never scene in a mario movie (like peach taking matters into her own hands). the star powers were a cool touch and i like how bowsers not thwe true enemy that cool shadow star is

Sound: good music nothing special but still good

Violece: the fight scenes were cool to watch, once again seeing the star powers help alot

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: Ok bowsers a waffle adict and mario commits sucide in one movie ha thats always good for a laugh. The extra scene at the end with yoshi was good for a chuckle.

Overall: 8/10 not a bad movie at all. hope to see some more of your movies soon, (Maybe a sonic movie)

this was good but

i hate it when peolpe kill off the main character at the end of everything. that i think is the only flaw

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2006
6:23 AM EDT