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Pacman's Addiction

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EDIT**: Wow Another Collection? Im Speachless...Well Thanks Everyone And Thanks Tom

Well Ive Been Working On This Flash Forever I Hope You Enjoy It

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It was pretty good except for a couple things.

1. Pac-man gets obese.
2. It keeps playing over and over.

Conclusion: funny, but could've had better graphics.

This flash was alright. It looked really simple and I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that Pacman had an overbite. The music loop sounded alright, but was annoying and didn't really match up with the animation all that much. I wish you had sound effects that were different from the main music track. All of these little annoyances kept this from being a truly great flash for me, although I will say that I liked the overall joke of Pac-Man sucking a dick and how you didn't use sprites.

Better luck next time, kid.

why there is a penis at the end

¬_¬ whatever


3 stars 4 music 3 for idea 2 for animation
-7 for penis- NOT cOOL

Drugged much?

There must be nicotine in those damn dots!(lol)