Doom Engine (dead)

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Flash Doom Engnie alpha0.01
W = Move Forward
S = Move Backward
E = Open Door
R = Reload
Mouse1 = Fire
Mouselook = True

And now we have controversy amongst those that have seen my work and followed development along on this little thing.

How did this come to be? Glad you asked. The inspiration came from Newrgounds itself. Im a HUGE fan of McFretN's work and i followed his FPS flash games like religion. But there was always one apsect that didn;t feel right. Actually 2
1. I hated the fact you move the mouse and the gun follows, it always feels flat
2. The whole thing was a rail shooter with random stop()'s in there to make sure yuo can hit stuff.

And this is way before even the first release of the likes of PaperVision even surfaced, i decided to see what i could do to bring about something that felt a little more like a real FPS. So i tried out a theory, it never got further than that.

I had to base this off of something, coming up with a decent idea for even testing an FPS engine in flash is something i didn;t want to devote my time and energy to, so being a huge ID Software fan and havnig recently played the crap out of Doom3, i thought "THATS what i want to do. A Doom Tribute in Flash".

Of course, i didn;t know actual 3D programming, i jsut had a theory of something i could use to rapidly create levels and place enemies. Hand drawn corridors, semi-rail.

The way this demow as created like this
1. The whole game rnus off of one frame on the main timeline.
2. on that frame is a HUGE movieclip that expands out quite a bit from the normal stage width and height
3. On that moviclip i coded in a couple functions that grabbed the overall width and height of the movieclip and the stage, grabbed the mouse position at all times, and made sure the movieClip was MIRRORING my mouse placement. Moving the mouse to the top left, meant i had to make the movieclip move down and to the right.
4. ALOT of tweaking to get the boundries right and feeling good
5. I setup controls for keyboard maps for W and S. You wont beleive what i did to create levels.

In the movie clip it has a timeline, W simply advanced the timeline forward, S moved backwards in the timeline. As frames went on in the timeline, to cut time i simply SCALED the BG out so to give the appearance of moving forward, and because S jsut moved the timeline backwards, the rest of the work was already done.
By the time certain frame was reached, i made spawning enemies (tin this case a couple IMPs). I had succeeded with my longterm design goal of simply clicking and dragging an enemy movie clip from the library to the stage ina process i like to call "Drag n' Forget". All actions were handled externally, this is the first time i ever forayed into totally externally scripting .AS files. Partly due to i wanted to mimick Doom3 in alot of ways, including having the abiklity to modifythese scripts later on by providing the file to users. Unfortunately .as files HAVE to be compiled into the SWF, which was a total let down.

The way the doors work, worked pretty much exactly like the enemies, once a certain frame was reached, i enabled another key "E" to basically advance the lervel by opening the door and automatically going in.

Rumors hit when i said i was discontinuing the project. Rumors like "He doesn;t have the will" or "He cant do it so he quit" and the list goes on. Let me clear up a few things really quickly here
1. Yes i quit, but for various reaons
- The shoddy development along with some forced design failures on Flashs part discouraged me
- Project just didn;t maintain my interest long after these setbacks destroyed my original design goals
- UI archived the project for a while. When i wante dto continue i tried to unarchive, but somewhere along the line, the file became corrupted and unhealable. Effectivly destroying it in its entirety.

No i didn;t exactly 'quit; but it was kind of a blessing ni disguise, despite its pretty fair praise for being so short and crappy.

- Kyle Harrison

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the game is awesome but fix the glitch of the second door no open

Dude !

Cool,more are...ehhhh...one very funny game,it is a fps not a crazy shooterno ? (im sorry by the review ok ?)

dis is not fun doomguy(user)

da author shouldnt do dis to doom 3,doom3 ROX!!!!!but would u do dis!?


very fun


Please make it long more room and more gore. Make it when you shot a certtttttain spot it takes the body part of. Make it more reallistic and do make the whole story in the game like doom 3. My computer drive wont let me play anything and my dad and i love to go against each other. Please make it like the pc game. ='[

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
7:22 PM EDT
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