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The first part of one of the most influencial pieces in Newgrounds history.

That's what I would be saying if this was some type of quality work. I made this video because I saw a television show from Japan called Trainman. This is my first attempt, so if there is good feedback I will hopefully complete some more.


I really appreciate all of the reviews for the movie. They will be really helpful and provide motivation for my next project.

To clarify the movie a little, the Japanese TV show, <i>Trainman</i>, is a romantic comedy about a not-so-cool guy that sees the love of his life on a train. Because he's too shy, he posts his dilemma on the internet and gets "courting" advice from all kinds of people. Adventure, drama, and romance ensue. I actually haven't seen the TV show myself, but I've read about it (it's based on a true story about a person who did this).

The song, "Trainman", arranged and performed by my brother, is based off of the TV show; he <i>did</i> watch it. The song was originally 1 minute long, which was perfect for my first full Flash movie (I didn't want to take on a huge project to start).

I storyboarded the idea for the cartoon just after I woke up and was in a lucid state-of-mind. I suppose that's why it may feel sort of surreal. The concept of this movie isn't based off of the TV show in any way, because I haven't watched it. In fact, I didn't get the ideas for this movie from any particular source (other than whatever is in my noggin). Only the song was based off of the TV show.

After I completed the movie, it turned out to be longer than 1 minute, largely due to the fact I'm not experienced with optimizing imported images (all of the backgrounds were painted in Photoshop). So, the music was redone to be a bit longer and fit the video.

I hope to create a better synced music video next time. Perhaps I'll restrict myself from importing images.

Again, thank you all for your reviews and for watching!

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Nice anitmation, theres a semi- easter egg in this flash that i dont think is entetional, is of you zoom in on the people holding items and they have a difrence in quality from the others

senseless beauty

the song and video mixed so well. i cant believe how much i enjoyed watching that.

I like it

I reallly do i mean is a rare thing on newgrounds to get a really good quilty flash is like gold everyone wants it but not many get it, but back to your flash i mean yer there was no real sotry but it was still a great flash great job keep it up and i thought it was Groovy lol

This is cute

like short flashes about random stuff. Colours, music and small people made this 1 really nice in a way that is hard to explain.

The 1 humour was about that guy carrying a lit firework. Good luck to him, he's going to need it if he's going to be carrying that for much longer


Love ur style!!

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2006
2:33 AM EDT
Music Video