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Throwback the Duck Ep. 0

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I hope you all enjoy Throwback the Duck: A 'Back Story. This episode is the prequel to the upcoming Throwback the Duck animated adventure series coming this fall. The series follows the exploits of washed-up, self-proclaimed "Game Master" Throwback the Duck.
A 'Back Story finds Throwback sharing his life story from the unique perspective of the quirky duck himself.
While I did focus on adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor is sprinkled throughout the series as well. Ultimately, it's a celebration of the Saturday morning cartoon world and video game mascots of the 80's and early 90's. Thus, both the silliness and charm of these worlds are found in Throwback. Even the voice acting is designed to reflect the silliness and cheesiness of the 80's.
Arthur Gil Larsen has done a fantastic job of bringing the world of Throwback the Duck to life with his beautiful artistic talents. He is truly a gifted animator and a great friend.
The voice acting team is comprised of a diverse cast of characters in and of itself. They all did a great job with their (often oddball) lines.
Please enjoy the soundtrack as well. It's kicked off by a creative composer and animator Christopher S. Murphy.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to hearing your feedback!
David Gornoski
Director of Throwback

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I remember watching this over and over when I was a kid waiting for the next episode, but but they're was only 2 episodes. I loved this so much back in the day!

I was really impressed by the animation in this. I don't know why a duck would be named Throwback. His voice sounds kind of similar to the Speak a Phone voices. You know, the StrawberryClock audio method? The music is great too. This guy looks a bit like Howard The Duck.

I hope not as his career didn't go over too well. Then again, that last second cameo in "Guardians Of The Galaxy" was awesome. It really is a unique story. How do video game mascots get their careers? The only duck video game is Duck Hunt.

this movie has a good story line!


that was absolutely frikkin brilliant! LOVED IT!

I love the Power Glover.... It's so bad!

... And '80s music to boot?! Man, oh, man, this series is already the shyken!