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**New project underway = Ed Gein : The Musical!**

I dreamt about this one, woke up and put it together while I should've been doing 'proper work'. Ah well, keeps me off the streets!

New Edit: Fixed the hammer problem, hooray! (Awaiting OK from the powers that be to re-upload the file)

Edit: Jebus! Didn't expect many comments, let alone 4 pages of the mothers! Thanks so much guys, very encouraging :) Not sure what it means to be on the front page, but I'm already dead proud of that!

One of the reasons there's no 'replay' button is that I'd not originally intended for many people to see this but in the end I was quite chuffed with the result, so I threw it at you :)

Any suggestions on how to improve my technique would be greatly appreciated, more weirdness on the way, cheers! :)

N.B. I don't actually have anything against ducks, chicks or any other breed of tiny cuteness, they just fit on that conveyor belt so well!

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this rmends me of a song abount a little kid with a hammer murdring pepole but now i cannot find it can anyone help

very good

haha this made my day


those poor chicks got smashed...

O.o da fuck

i didn't see that coming..... thats all i gotta say


that was mildly twisted i love it