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the train accident

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this is a funny thing lol. hope you like it. MY FIRST SUBMISSION :)

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this is still here

lol deAN i cant belweive this hasnĀ“t been blammed yet :p
10/10 thogh ;D

You Win

I am the saviour. You win!!!@!!!!

Okay first try...

Not a bad effort, although I think you definitely could make this longer and add some more story line to it. It doesn't really make much sense as it is.


Your flash needs a preloader. On the Newgrounds Flash Portal page, there's a link right below the "Submit" button that says, "GET NG LOADERS N' STUFF!" Click that link to download a .FLA with a preloader in it. Copy and paste the first frame of that into your animation, and you'll have a preloader, complete with a start button.

Your flash loops endlessly. You can add an actionscript stop(); code to the final frame of your flash to stop it from going on forever, or, better yet, add a replay button at the end. If you're unsure of how to do this, check the Newgrounds flash tutorials for help.

Your animation was extremely choppy. Consider using motion tweens and increasing your frame rate to make the animation smoother.

The graphics in this movie were poorly done. Consider spending some more time on making your artwork look realistic -- or at least recognizable.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your next flash!


gory movie

Simple But Cool

This movie is really simple but it is really cool with loads of violence.