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MMMM In A Nutshell

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The Clock Crew is exactly like this

P.S. If you can't handle chapter three then you're a flaming queer.

P.S.x2 The various musics I used are:
Chapter 1: Goldfish by Michael Andrews (from the Me And You And Everyone We Know soundtrack)
Chapter 2: Peter and Sylvie, also by Michael Andrews from the same soundtrack,
Chapter 3: Swansea by Joanna Newsom
Chapter 4: Library Chat by Michael Andrews, same soundtrack again
Chapter 5: Elephant Parade by Jon Brion from the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack
Chapter 6: Peer Pressure, also by Jon Brion and also from Eternal Sunshine

P.S.x3 Your balls are dangerous!!!!

P.S.x4 I updated the file because the sound in the last chapter was all out of sync like.

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Dear Munglai,

Will you be my bride?


This flash is so weird, and kinda abstract. One of the most original and creative pieces on newgrounds I've ever seen. Good job.

B4 i clicked i thought 2 myself i bet this is good

and it so was cause your flashes r totally unique and worth watching
l3 Mysterious and so imaginative that i forgot what i watched
u made a cloud of happiness!!!
that i couldn't feel again because i can't replay!
Ah well i guess the cloud is too unique :D

for some reason

i just loved this! so much and the music fit so perfectly.


I enjoyed this an crapful lot.
It's somehow more mysterious than tomas et la fraise.
Loved the animation a lot man.
I can totally be imagining this on television.