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Slash's Clock Day!

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HAPPY CLOCK DAY! Your buddy Slash presents a special flash for Clock Day! Slash must get to Newgrounds for Clock Day, but is stopped by a sinister terrorist at the airport! Can he survive?
This is my most complex flash ever, and I learned a lot while making it. Run time is over 9 minutes if you wait til the very end!
All voices done by Speakonia and yours truly. Enjoy, and happy clock day! :-D
---<3 Slash

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i loved it so much

SlashFirestorm responds:

I don't know who you are, but judging from your favorites, you've got good taste.

I need to start making more Speakonia flashes.


I'll 5 this every day in celebration! Oh and would you mind if I do a little better revision and co-author you in it?

SlashFirestorm responds:

If you want, go for it, heh.

Hell, I might re-make this someday...too bad I don't have the original .fla anymore. :-(

here's my review

One has to consider that the film's problems - and they are numerous - may be the product of the flash's runaway popularity. In each of the first several flashes, director slash was careful to limit the character count to 2. Here, it triples, and the focus on the bad guys limits the amount of time we have for the soap opera that is strawberry's life. Expectations for this movie were sky-high and one wonders whether the pressure to fulfill them caused the director to overreach his grasp and miss the point that bigger and louder do not always equate to better. better luck next time

SlashFirestorm responds:

You straight-ten'ed it though. :-D

Expect something much sexier for Clock Day '07...I've gotten quite a bit better a year later, HEH.

Although don't expect YuYu, cuz I ain't ever going to be that good. Nor would I want to...

Single Greatest Flash Ever

This flash makes my dick explode with passion and my anus leap for joy.... Oh wait... I had a different flash open at the time. Sorry. Goddamn, College University is great... I suppose this was okay.

SlashFirestorm responds:

My anus can slam dunk.

Take that, Shaq.

Should have been in the clock day 06 collection :(

Once again I am late to the party, and watching this months after the event (in 2 and a half years on NG I'm yet to witness a clock day). It should have made the collection, but never mind.

The graphics are the best I have seen from you, and there was some genuinely nice animation in the middle there. It's a shame you couldn't animate the fight, but the fact you couldn't and admitted as much was funny enough to make up for it :D

These older submissions of yours have a style I really like. A combination of your great artwork, and some hilarious dialog and epic music to go with it. More submissions like this would be great :)

The music was good, although again I didn't recognise the tracks you used. It was a good choice for the submission anyway.

Plenty of violence, and crazy gun wielding grannies are always good for a laugh.

The humor was top notch, with a good parody of airports (something I have seen far too much of with all my travelling in the last year), and some fantastic writing. Also the 'Nooooooooooo' at the end was brilliant :D.

I confess I didn't watch to the end of the credits, so if there was more after that I'm sorry- I'm hungry and wanted to write this review before getting food!

4/5 overall, and the best flash I have seen from you. It deserves to be your highest mark, even though part of that is due to the mark inflation on clock day.

SlashFirestorm responds:

This flash is still my most time-consuming work...took me a week (lol). It just BARELY was ready in time for Clock Day, too.

ZOMG YOU NEED TO BE THERE NEXT CLOCK DAY. It was fucking CRAZY, man. Over 1000 submissions...damn damn damn.

Despite the fact that nearly EVERYTHING passes on Clock Day, I still made this my bestest work, heh.

The only thing after the credits was me shouting at the listener to go the fuck away. XD

The music was "Rising Will To Fight" and "Ryuusei", both Naruto music.


Credits & Info

1.91 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
2:46 AM EDT