Slug Smash!

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Smash up the slugs and dodge the explosive meteors! A simplistic arcade stress reliever/smash em up! I learnt a lot of actionscript from making this game, so my next one will be an improvement. If you finish the game you'll get a rank! Please leave a reveiw and thanks for playing.

- smashing the slugs dead bodies gets you points
- smashing their graves gets you points too
- the dinosaur kills DO add to your score
- staying in the centre is a sure way to get trapped in..


Astounding graphics!

__The Good__
God the animation was astounding! The characters were great and so were the backgrounds! I really liked the rain effect in the castle walls level. I really liked the different variety of backgrounds. The music was great as well. The violence was great. It was so much fun to smash those monsters to the ground and see there purple guts spew everywhere! The game play was pretty fun as well!

__The Bad__
Although the game play was fun, it was too easy. I wish you made the difficulty harder and harder once you get to a new level.

__Over All__
Over all this is an awesome game! It was really fun and had amazing graphics and backgrounds. It has decent music and is it's very violent! I only wish it was a little harder. Great job making this flash, keep up the awesome work! I look forward to playing another out standing game from you soon!

Can't say it was fantastic..

But it was quite addictive, suprisingly.

Good jorbbb.

Graphically it was excellent, but gameplay...

Graphically it was excellent, but gameplay was lacking in this one. I just didn't think it was that good of a game. To explain it, you're a dude who goes around smashing things that randomly waltz or pop up on the screen, and you die in one hit. So, it gets very boring, very fast.

But I also want to emphasize that I feel the graphics of the game were a saving grace. Very fluid, solid, and consistently, the combination of aesthetics and graceful animation made this into a Flash experience that was still worth the download, and impressive to the eye.

I think it's one of those games that really needs to be expanded, as to break out of its monotony and really pioneer new turf for gamers.

A 2 out of 5.


I loved it greg. The Graphics/animation were pretty cool. its good that you try fullbody. more kinds of attacks would be better though, like if you press shift or control it would make another kind of attack, like a gorund pound thing or something like that.

Great Game!

I like this! Keep up the great work!

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2006
6:57 PM EDT
Action - Other