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Planet Blue

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This is a little 3d short i had to work on for an animation assignment in school.
i know its not exactly polished work..i only had a night to work on it! its the best i could do!!
A friend said i should post it up on newgrounds so here i am doing it...
Thanks for all the encouraging reviews!
Enjoy :)

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we're all red and gooey on the inside
also "blue" by eifel 65 would have been a better intro song


Just too emo for me... suicide, and how people need to treat other people fairly... meh, just not my cup of tea for a movie, but i can see how a younger fanbase would like this.

good job on the 3d, kind of had that parrapa the rapper style to it.

oh well, i'll keep an eye out for you though, because you do show promise.

Wow, I actually liked that a lot.

I just...I mean...yeah, we are all blue I guess. I never understood how people could be so racist as to think groups like Blacks or Jews were not even to be considered people when on the inside everyone is identical. Well right on brother, any step in the right direction is a stride toward paradise...a blue paradise. Oh, and "realize" is spelt like that, not "realise," I think.

Carleel responds:

realise , thats the English spelling, realize is american..haha sorry where im from we use british english :)
Im glad you'd like to believe you're blue too!

Good message - needs alittle cleaning up

All together, I thought this was a good "animation" (or short clip - whichever you prefer) . I also think it sends out a good message all of us tend to ignore all to often. The only thing that bothered me was inbetween transactions of the clips there was fuzziness, and then the picture would be clear. Maybe it was the software you used?

Anyways, good job - make some more! ^-^


this should b aired on national television.

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2006
5:21 PM EDT