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A Boy Who Met Superknight

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A boy plays too close to the water and loses his action figure, but meets a local superhero!

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Its been so long sense ive seen this still gets me LOL

It made me laugh out loud

I watched this right after playing dark souls lol.


Am i weird or this cartoon is a bit sick? oh i mean this humor is preaty fucked up. remember! don't kill kid with toy! tell him you'll show him pupies in basement and then you can do everything! ( except pedofilia its bad)


Like other people said, the voice acting needed more character, but I LOL'd at the end when he was like " This could be worth thirty bucks!".


Everyone always think a superhero has to be good all the time. Love the idea of the superhero doing bad. But the people who did the voices seems like they just read it straight from paper. They didnt add the life part or fall into character. I gave you a 6 for great idea and graphic.