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Mario is Lazy

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Author Comments

My next sprite movie after "Mario goes to the Bathroom" This doesn't have potty humor, I think that might be good though, because of some the last reviews I got. Well, enjoy.

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Not good

I wanted to like this but as it played out I couldn't because it just wasn't good. The flash was boring with some poor animation and story. Not that good, sorry it just needed other things.

~ DeIvL666 ~

Skutieos109 responds:

Yeah, I know. It's complete shit. If only I knew back in 06.

(title in work)

Tell ya what...when Luigi said "Isn't this getting boring?" I couldn't help but scream out, "WORD BROTHA!" That movie was really boring. You can't really make a movie where the main plot issue is that someone is laying on the ground not doing anything. It just isn't logical to me. Overall, not too poorly done, but just a boring plot throughout.

Skutieos109 responds:

I realize that, thank you.

nothin much happenin

hmm the flash was kinda gettin boring until the end it was kinda funny how luigi punched.

not as good

mario goes poo is better but still it was funny

Nice Job

Ok, let me describe in detail.

Graphics- The graphics got a low score because technically, they aren't yours. So, I guess every sprite movie I review will get a low score on that category.

Style- The style, well, it wasn't too original. Being it a sprite animation, it's pretty hard to vote on style also. But I can see that you thought about the script and evaluated what the characters were going to say so I guess style isn't TOO bad.

Sound- You needed WAY more sounds for this submission. There hardly were any, except at the end. Next time, try adding nature sounds such as birds chirping in the background and such.

Violence- There really wasn't violence either, except at the end, of course. You know that people here like violence, so I wouldv'e thought that implementing more violence, should I said, what have been better. But nonetheless, I guess it's good as it is.

Interactivity- There wasn't any.

Humor- Well, some of the jokes were kind of amusing. Good job on thinking those up.

Overall- You did an ok job on this. If you were to spend more time on your work, such as add more sound effects, probably include a little bit more violence, make it a bit tad longer and spend more time coming up with ideas, you would have a great sprite animation. One thing though, the last scene was kind of wierd, Luigi looked like he was doing something else, instead of punching mario. It would be a good idea if you were to make another sprite movie, not to include that type of fighting. Overall, nice job on this and good luck on your future submissions.

Skutieos109 responds:

Thanks. I know luigi looked like crap when he punched mario.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
12:06 AM EDT