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Dave And Junior Ep. 8 3/4

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This time around, Dave and Junior get in an arguement! A random fireman guest stars. (Note: The reason for 8 3/4 is that for some reason there is a cartoon called Dave And Junior Ep. 9)Ep. 10 is going to mark the beginning of a three part coninuation! Whoa!

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Just an idea...I might be wrong...

I guess this one concludes my Dave & Junior marathon. I'm not sure how you've released so many so quickly, but way to be efficient. I think perhaps you should take a short break and come back to the episodes with all the random flourish that prevailed in your earlier episodes. They're all decent IMO, but the earlier ones held me the best. Just a thought. Great series. It's the random speech from Junior and the random scenarios they find themselves in that really make this series funny.

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks! I'm actually on vacation, so I am indeed on break

Why *is* everything green?

The kid in the tree is the most knowledgable character I've met so far on NG.

I, too, suffer from S.C.D. It is a serious condition and we need to work to make the world aware of it and its effects.

Your animation style is simple, but fun to look at and entertaining. The voices of the father and the fireman could have been clearer and louder.


clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks, I'll bear that in mind next time! And I think a medication's out for S.C.D now...


Graphic isnt too good but it was loling funny so i hope you will make more movies like this btw this is my first protection today ^^

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks for protecting it!


I found this one to be really funny! I liked how everything was in green but how did Junior end up on a tree? I know why you can't name it "Dave And Junior Ep. 9" because when you submitted 8 someone else submitted a inappropriate flash with that name and it got flagged! You could put a zero in front of the nine! Overall I thought this was a great flash! 5/5

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks a lot JOKeR! I think I'm going to have to check out this infamous episode nine now...

woot wot

lmfao that was great i loved it

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it!