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If you don't understand this it's because it's not Hentai

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blaaa blaaaa ...

OMG how dare you make the flash parody against my God . I vote 5 if I see foamy, and the movies are so greaaaattt well done, better than true animations, you asshole 111 . You are eeevvvviiilll antifaaaaannn I hate youuu.. 0 !

hehe no I am not a fukcing foamy fan zombie ... I hate foamy and he is asshole, and animations are crap and destroys my day every time when I see it in the _NG ... Foamy overated crap thanks to NG... I love every your animation :3

Stupid Foamy ...

See the world through the eyes of Pilz-E!!!

And this is why nobady does that!!! ...I'd love to see what you can do will Pilz-E! C'mon! I'd love to see people try to wrap their heads around THAT!

Foamy's ...speech... movements look like a reverse blow job...


I love that weirzarretranghideouscutalienastic cat.

Am I fat?

That was beautiful... ;____;

love it

i'm glad i am not the only one that hates foamy