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Dailytoon #227

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Today's toon includes excellent quality pieces from the masterful Astropuff, newcomer TPOTEOZ, and up-and-comer Adam Ant.

This dailytoon calls for some apologies. First off, apologies about no toon yesterday. We're going to try to keep these things DAILY from now on to stay true to this series' name, but its tough when you don't have a lot of toons to work with and many of the organizers are away on summer vacations. Second, sorry about the crappy menu. It's just a placeholder until I finish making the new intro + menu, which will be much more slick and attractive. Thanks for bearing with us.


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*blows a line off the hooker*

a nice new SS intro for season three. those stars just come a-flyin' at me :3

Astropuff - some amazing fbf work, and a background beat that reminds me of something zekey would use. quite beautiful, poor fish though. i love the sound he makes as he flails out of the water!
TPOTEOZ - gotta love MSI ;) does wade brag about having two hookers and an eight ball? he must really know how to party. and a retrosmash looking square background, that's seizure enducing. lovely!
Adam Ant - hahaha. as the ufo cruises around in the rain, nobody expects cookiemonstar! short and sweet :P

huzzah's all around.

Ive seen better daily toons

Astro puffs was very nice and mildly mong. Enough to keep my interest and it even had a kinda 3D feel to it. Bottom right was pretty good but very short. Good job.

Bottom left was an ok seziure flash but usually there are flashing white and black are the actually elemets of color in the retna which triggers seziures. That was just one of those tunnel things.

prty lame

well not much else to say
-that bottom left toon was the lamest toon ever(well almost)


Very good collection of toons guys!

I loved Astropuff's, it oozed with style, and had wonderful shading and coloring. Also had a bit of humor at the end.

The Wade with lip stick one got boring, and the only redeeming quality was the music, still, the humor makes up for every flaw!

I loved the last one as well. It shows what a daily toon is supposed, to be, short, funny, and it leaves you confused, and is totally random. Great job there.

Now, I know I sent in my daily toon to you yesterday. Did you get it? Or did you think it was total crap? I must know! 9/10

TheStarSyndicate responds:

your toon is a part of 228, which was just submitted

Only liked the first one

Only reason I passed this was because of Astropuff's flash. I don't even know wtf that second one was supposed to be; all it did was give me a damn headache.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2006
9:13 PM EDT

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