Amusing short shorts.

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Yeah.. im so exentric i spent 3 years making a flash movie and then smashed my computer with a giant metal hammer. So i made this piece of crap which i named Amusing short shorts.
The timing goes a little wrong in the end because my computer is screwed up. SoRrY.
BTW: The above is a joke... i was just bored and thought that i mite as well type it.


not so good...

spend a little bit more time on your next work...it should do some good see the review before mine he went into alot more detail.

bobsmovie responds:

Sorry Hitla.

Sloppy Work

I knew things were bad when the sound went out of synch with the images appearing on the screen. That seems like such a basic requirement of a flash video. That you let such an error slide shows what a sloppy piece of work this is. If you don't respect your work, why should anyone else?

The humour was young, feeble, and poorly thought out. Why would an emo kid be cheered up by Elvis? Perhaps you were trying for the "nonsense is funny" way of thinking, but it just didn't work for me -- and I adore nonsense humour.

People should die because giant muffins fall on them. But it's only funny in a random way when you put genuine effort into the art. For example, if that muffin was the best goddamn muffin ever rendered in a flash video. Put some effort into your artwork. Thanks to computers, you don't even have to be a great artist to make a godly muffin.

If you want to hold our attention and make us love you and your crazy sense of humour, throw yourself into your work completely. Put time and effort into it. A good video doesn't just happen. It has to be coaxed into existence. You can do this. I have faith in you.

bobsmovie responds:

Ok first of all... you've probably never made a flash movie... i doubt you even know how seen as there are no flashes to your name. Secondly, the slideshow at the end went out of sync only because my computer cannot handle large files. On my computer, the timing is perfect. Second of all, im sure that your the best artist in the world. Its easy for somebody like you to sit on your ass all day and give movies terrible reviews, because you know that you will never make a flash anyway. Teh End.

random isnt always funny...

kinda unamusing short shorts really, sorry. and emo kids dont listen to slipknot, they listen to EMO, which slipknot is definately not.

bobsmovie responds:

Yea sorry about that lol... when i first started making it... it wasn't meant to be about an emo but then i changed it but forgot to change the top. And i would appreciate it if you didnt write your whole review about what it says in small writing on one of the characters t- shirts. OK? :D


:l i guess it was ok kinda... but btw wth is wroung with the guy in the beginning???

bobsmovie responds:

He saw your face :D. Lol jkz i dunno what you mean.


It Was Ok, I Guess..

Emo's Don't Like Slipknot. Emos Like Shitty Bands Like From First To Last And Shit. Metalheads And Goths Like Slipknot.

bobsmovie responds:

Yeah that was a mistake because when i originally designed that character, it wasn't meant to be a short about emos and i just forgot to change it.

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2.41 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2006
4:40 PM EDT
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