Purgatory Simulator 13

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Since people seemed to enjoy Purgatory Simulator ( http://newgrounds.com/po
rtal/view/328265 ) I thought I'd submit the other ones I made.

If you do not know what Purgatory is do not vote. Go look it up.

This flash is based on the common belief of what purgatory is.



^^Good Points^^
I guess the intro isn't bad. You made that interesting with the sound effects and many different drawings.

^^Needs Improving^^
I guess the joke isn't bad, but seriously, this doesn't really serve a purpose. Plus the fact that this is 1.5mb and nothing really happens aside from the short introduction. Learn to compress music before you submit another one.

Just Wondering

Was the 1000kb load meant to simulate the time it took for me to die? Or did that 1000kb get lost somewhere between useless and unnecessary?

To a more related point to the idea of purgatory. The game did well simulating the suffering of me having to sit there, but it did not do well in the cleansing department. Im still I god forsaken blasphemer =\ Put that into your to do list.

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Purgatory indeed

This flash is just to crappy to go on,yes I get it,no it's not in anyway intresting or anything else. Why the fuck would you make such a waste of time?


This was utterly the most ridiculously blatent attempt at crap ive seen in a very long time. PLEASE blam this. If you want to make something about purgatory do something meaningful. I saw what you were trying to do but that was a waste of my time and more a waste of yours. Also why was this submitted as a game? Where in an point of the 3 or so seconds of shit in front of me was it a game? Jesus ussually ill give points for effort but christ, there was none put into this. Do not make retarded flashes like this. And don't give me bullshit about how I don't see the idea behind this. I see the idea behing this, but this should be blammed to hell.


This isn't a game it is a video about life and death and something.Sorry if you Wanted to make a game just make it not a moviw about life and death.You can do better I know you can.

moofins responds:

You dont get it

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1.84 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2006
3:53 PM EDT
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