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Fap to NG acts: Ocelot

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Author Comments

Full title: Fap to Newgrounds Accounts: "Ocelot" [Episode #004]

Please find it in your soul to write a review. :)

I was inspired by the film clip for the song and wanted to create one myself. I was impressed with the final product. I am not very experienced with flash, as you may see. This was written by Kat Bell, and by the way, the drawings are SUPPOSED to be like that!!! Its pretty abstract, well, I thought it was funny anyway...hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah. When requesting to be featured. It helps if you have high stats or known on the BBS. ;)...or if you send pics of bobs.

Please note that this is a joke submission. Please laugh at it and not take it too seriously. Heh.

Non-portal music:

Barney Miller TV theme song
YOB - Big Bag

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Still loving that intro, and thought I'd give this flash a look even though I haven't come across Ocelot before, though looks like his quote makes him a prime target for this series now. It worked out that Qwertyboi was the top user, though this was a little disappointing, but that's partially due to him not having all the stats to make him a good one.

Another one of these heh

Well these are kinda neat as it opens you up to the differant users back in the day atleast heh, i like how you did show differant parts of the profile so it was not too shabby, good job regardless

If anything could be improved on i would suggest have some animations in there not just the scrolling of the profile

Entertaining profile and audio



I like your voice....

a shame to see

++++ The whole concept is ridiculous, original and amusing.

++++ Chuckled at the post 'fapping is a way of life'. Great commentary.

++++ Loved the voice used. Is it your own voice, trying to emulate speakonia?

+++ Great zip/fapping sounds.

++++ All the writing was just so ridiculous and self-depecratingly funny.

--- Start was a little slow. (until you opened the profile)

- I didn't like the drawing of white splodges. Maybe just a fade to white or something if you want it to be abstract?

Chuckled and smiled throughout.

The graphics can't have taken you longer than 15 minutes, but the writing more than made up for it.

Really, I have little criticism. It's a great series and a shame to see it stopped. I think it's time to bring it back, and I imagine that they're fairly easy to do in an evening?

Nominated all for NG parodies.

This is my favourite one. Favourites: 4,1,3,2.

That was so erotic

I have to give 10 for sound, because the fapping sound is very very realistic. And the things said are quite hilarious. Hell after you watch this, make sure you watch the other 3 and fap off to qwertyboi's account while you are at it. Also, 10 for interactivity, because you will be interacting with yourself while watching this.