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Sunshine: Seattle

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Author Comments

On Sunshine Day, it's sunny even in Seattle!

This was my submission for the original Sunshine Crew's Sunshine Day. This was also my first submission to Newgrounds. Amazingly, it passed, and did relatively well.

It's a loop once it gets started, so feel free to leave before the glamourous, nonexistent ending.

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The sunshine series is one of the mos tunderrated flash cult series on NG, I'd have to say. I'm wary of reviewing this since I lost liek 30 when the original founders deleted all of them. That being said, of course these are basically just the movign sunshine plus the flowers and Seattle, but the addition of the rain at the beginning, the fact that it's Seattle, and the good mood that pops out of this flash makes it enjoyable to watch.

Omgee responds:

The original founders have deleted and brought back the Sunshine series at least four times that I've counted -- and probably more. Every time Wade deletes a well-known spammer, they delete whatever spammy flash they have submitted and then wait for things to quiet down. Then, a few weeks later, they'll start over with a new Sunshine clone. Seems silly to me, because Sunshine never broke any rules and was actually a unique series, even if it did have a lot of detractors. I wish they'd just left them all alone.

Anyway, I won't delete my flash, Sunshine or not. Your reviews -- and responses -- are safe with me.

Ah Mr. Sunshine man is there nothing you cant do?

These movies just keeps getting better and better. I love them. Are you making anymore? I'm looking forward to them! ^_^ Sunshine= Fifened

From one of your sunshine fans,

P.S. I remembered to give you 10 on interactivity!

Omgee responds:

Glad you enjoyed this!

I doubt I'll be making any more Sunshine movies, honestly. I did this -- and a few others -- around Sunshine Day, and they were well received. However, the founders of the group threw a fit because outsiders "ruined" their creation, and since I was a new contributor, I was included in that.

Since then, those flaky founders have disbanded and reformed their crew a total of five times that I've counted -- deleting all of their previous work and reviews each time. I don't want to be part of a group that behaves like that -- and they don't want or allow outsiders, anyway -- so I'm done with Sunshine at this point.

Thanks for the great review, though. :)


Yet another sunshine flash for me to review. I liked how the sun rose up this time, it had a nice touch to the flash. The style of this flash was alright, I never would have expected you guys to make an episode about the Space Needle! The music is still awesome and I like moving around that sun. Nice job on this flash, keep it up!

Omgee responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I like to try to make my movies a bit different from the norm, even when they're part of a series that is well-known for being tedious and repetitive.

I will now share with you the gift of some pi.

3.141592653589793238462643383 27950288419
71693993751058209749445923078 16406286208
99862803482534211706798214808 65132823066
47093844609550582231725359408 12848111745
02841027019385211055596446229 48954930381
96442881097566593344612847564 82337867831
65271201909145648566923460348 61045432664
82133936072602491412737245870 06606315588
17488152092096282925409171536 43678925903
60011330530548820466521384146 95194151160
9 and so on.

Thank you for the excellent review. Enjoy your pi.

It's been awhile since I reviewed a Sunshine Work!

Now lets start off with the basics. The Preloader was funny and unsuspecting. The Art and Animation were pretty good. It's cool how you can move the Sun anywhere you want to in this flash. The moving lollypops were cute and funny, a nice addition. I like how Seattle was in this. I also liked the message on the top when it appears Sunshine Seattlepops. lol! The building are huge, especially the pointy one. lol! Overall, this flash was good and I enjoyed watching it. Good Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :)

GRAPHICS: 7, Loved the spinning colors and tracing of the buildings.
SYTLE: 7, Sunshine Style is great!
SOUND: 7, The music is as good as usual.
VIOLENCE: 0, What Violence?
INTERACTIVITY: 5, A Play Button, a Replay Button, and you can move the Sun around.
HUMOR: 6, The little Lolleypops. lol!
OVERALL: 7, Keep making good flashes Omgee!


Omgee responds:

The pointy one is the Space Needle, which is in pretty much every picture on every postcard you'll ever see of Seattle. The funny part is that it's nowhere near downtown! The photographers just make it *look* like it's downtown because it's such a big part of Seattle's skyline that they have to fit it in.

As for the graphics, that wasn't a trace; I actually Photoshopped a picture of Seattle and cut out the background. Took forever because I had no idea what I was doing. I *should* have just done a bitmap trace and been done with it, or just drawn Seattle by hand; I would've been finished in five minutes instead of it taking an hour just for that part of the flash. Oh well... live and learn.

Thanks, as always, for the great review!


This is was just freakin me out!! Cool!

Omgee responds:

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the great review! :)

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2006
4:54 PM EDT