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I loved it.

Hey bastard

Make more flash that's fantastic.

that was....

The best I have seen from "glock" or 'Clock" "lock" whatever. (cause alot of what I have seen has been crap)
I really liked the dramatic feel to it.
and I loved the detail in the animation. I would really like to see more of that.

PaperClipClock responds:

Don't worry, more is on the way :3

Yeah... what GeologyWizard said...

The mind of a 13 year old girl... so pure, so naive!! She does however make a strong point!! I loved the animation though, bub!! Very cult classicesque!! I dig it!!

PaperClipClock responds:

The lass does take up a few strong points.

Eh, you know what they say...


-job! You've found the easiest way to beat the system. "I know what to do! I'm going to build another account and act like my most hated foes!-the clock crew! that way, I can fool others and build up the glock whatever" nice. Weak, too. Unlike some, I find this weak. You are so desperate. I respect those who, if they utterly hate or want to ruin someones life, use their own names to do it and not make an account, acting like them to try to get your flash in. That's weak, man. You can do better. This isn't preschool.

Reletively interesting-only because you are an AWESOME artist (not very creative in your fighting techniques-but!). You know, you have a very unique way of drawing things (put aside the glock thing), and it's a technique that I've only seen few try or even succeed in doing well. Love it, love the art-choose another topic.

The plot was...blank. Well, other than to advertise that it was, indeed, "Glock Day" and that you want to kill (this was hinted) StrawberryClock (If you had known better, his account was stolen a few years ago by a hacker and we haven't seen him since. He has a different account, but I don't know if his account is active).

WHAT KIND OF PLOT IS THAT! If you were going to talk about how you hated StrawberryClock and AT LEAST made a better plot-i.e. put strawberryclock in there, flashbacks could have worked for your style in this flash...-

Now, after finishing what I said about the plot & graphics, I promise you that I would have more likely (now-2%, better plot with graphics-80%) given you a 4 or 5, but I can't, because as a flash, this stunk. You're graphics are great. You are going to go places, man, but god, GET A STORY LINE. You will be the next great one. Oh, and please don't waste your talent on following the flash techniques of the other glocks. Not to get into politics, but you are capable of amazing flash.

I'll look out for you in the future...with better storylines.

*tip for the wise* politics is too controversial and you're more likely getting places by making something based on you instead of following the example of the group that you have to be "absolutely loyal" to.

Good Luck!


PaperClipClock responds:

I have a 100 page + storyline in the works. This is the last episode, and it is in glocks because that's how the story ends. It starts with clocks, goes to locks, then becomes glocks.

Like I said, All will be revealed.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2006
11:24 PM EDT