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TooF Solid vs Croose

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so this one you added some "ACTION" kind of like some matrix element there, lots of stuff haooens with these "TOOFS" this was a short one but still pretty good I think some added subtitles would be a plus on these, I do like it though, anyways nice work here.

some subtitles would be nice


This was easily the best Toof episode yet! I think it's mostly because of the action. I don't know how teeth can move like that. Well, they can at least talk. I'm getting to know the characters more. Then again, I don't even remember their names.

The bleeps were weird. Those aren't the regular sounding bleeps. I just noticed "Toof" spelled backwards is "Foot". I tend to notice things like that. Well, I admit the animation isn't that great.

MACception responds:

Yeah, I remember making this one and hoping people didn't come to expect as much "action" as was in this one... No way I could have kept that level of effort up on a weekly basis.

Someone cookin brownies?

This video was the funniest I have seen today. Great series! 2 Thumbs Up!


Funny episode, with good voice acting. The censoring was kind of unnecessary though. The graphics were good too. It was a good length also. Nice job.

~ Z

And thats how teef with cavity fillings fall out.

Toof Croose whoops their a--es.