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Drums Synth

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Learn to play drums as good as your favourite band member. DRUMS RULE. use the keys to do it hey

Holey moley dooley, sorry to all the people who i "copied" i realised that there would be like one person with the same thing but... five? and that is only of the ppl that saw mine. It looked as if the only ones that didnt like it were the guys thqat already had one so i will make a completely diffo one to make all those happy.


Pretty good.

Needs more instruments, but a great idea.


I made a movie kinda like this with my band's drummer as the guy sitting there. It was TONS better. The sound sucked, and there wasn't enough stuff. You suck balls at this.

I'd like it if....

I made the same damn game a few months ago! It's called virtual percussion fun, and it's by me, El_Guapo. Fucker.

this fucking rules

I love the applase thing and the "listen to what you did" thing and zipstyke do strings and woodwinds next

fuck yeah

this thing kicks ass drums rule altough you can't hit two things at the same time, kind of awkward for using the bass hi hat and snare to make a beat but it still kicks ass you should fix it and if i see it again fixed i'll vote 5 on it everyday

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2.57 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2001
8:25 AM EDT
Gadgets - Musical