Mobile Weapon Episode 1

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This version is outdated, completed version here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/362199

In the world of Sios, people pilot large armoured mechs called MAWs (Mobile Adpative Weapons). Discover secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this first episode of an epic online adventure RPG.

This is a sequel to the popular Mobile Weapon: Zero.

Visit www.mobileweapon.net for updates and the full version (with more weapons, items, areas and characters) soon.

This version is still in BETA, but will be updated gradually.

Known issues:
- The game ends after getting Calisto. Will be updated later.



i liked it, very fun but just 1 thing..........where is the next 1!!!!!! i mean really i like it but u no u shood really make another thrust evrery1 would like another game 2 beat but ya loved it.


This was uber boring, the combat system was like a bad FF wanabe.


how da hell do u find da plasma rocks? i played episode 1 before and somehow it got deleted cuz i waz foolin around, so i stopped plain for like 2 years, and now i finally caught to wear i waz 2 years ago and i have da same problem.............I CANT FIND ALL THREE PLASMA ROCKS!!!

P.S.i donno wats wrong wit da ppl ho cant load, or have a bad internet connection wit da game, cuz personally my computer has a hole buncha problems and da game works fine wit me, i tink i have pwaz!!!.but dont u giz agree dat da game kan get ralle annoying sometimes cuz if u need cash u wood have to fight da same enimeez over and over to get da cash u need or da experience u need for a weapon, it pisses me off!!! iznt dar a ezeer way? (dat question waz for u author) also wen u get barrage 2 help u , and wen u bi somtin u have to bi it fo him 2 so double da work (also pisses me off!!!) anewaz da game i like da work i dont


A great RPG of epic proportions can't wait for episode 2 and more fom you

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drew. but seriously this was a great game with some cool hidden puzzles in it awesome 10/10 yay :D

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4.01 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2006
4:35 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG